Monday, October 3, 2016


Life is so small when you get right down to it. We, as a society, believe that we have so much and will lose so much when we die. Truth is...there is nothing more important than being happy, loving and living!

As we provide tours every day to hundreds of people and thousands each year, we can sometimes overlook the individual successes that life has brought to some of our Segway 'friends'. One in particular, just two days ago, brought us fond, and hard memories of our own loved ones' fight for life against cancer.

Our friend Jackie, from the UK, came to us for an experience of a lifetime and then shared her 24 year survival battle with Breast Cancer and we were all floored! We ended up being the ones receiving the grandest of gifts!

We honor and cherish our moment with YOU Jackie!

Sedona Segway Team;

Lora Lee