Thursday, January 17, 2019

Is a picture really worth 1000 words??

How do you FEEL in those things you SEE??

As I look at things in Sedona, I often feel so enchanted in the views. If you live here, or close by, you might too. Ever been here? If you have, I am sure you have parked your car in the most precarious places to get the best shots! 
(We blame the tourists for their inconvenient positioning... lol.   Truthfully it's Us too. We just get better over time in our decision making...    ....usually 😏) 

Now days, our norm is our cell phone to the face or in a pocket close by. We share our beloved Sedona in all her glory, and our most beloved pictures, our deepest regrets, happiest moments, precious children, grandchildren, lovers & even those we seemingly feel regret or anger for. We have hundreds, maybe even thousands of friends, joined several fb groups, Instagram, twitter, snap chat and many other social media outlets. 

While looking at these different social media sights do you always SEE what FEELS good? We post things to get an emotional reaction right?? Do some of the things we see and interact with make us Feel great or do they really get us uptight? Most of the things I see these days are amazingly beautiful not much of the old drama. It seems as though after awhile fb analyzes and pays attention to those things I don't like and filters them out. What about you?? 
(Hmm.. something outside of me pays attention to what I don't like and filters it for me. Well that's strangely uncomfortable).

Well if we spend a good amount of time on fb or whatever, I hope we are spending time viewing positive inspiration, sharing those things that bring us Joy. However, when we are struggling, and sharing that vulnerable space, please find it in yourself to not judge others and be kind and don't blast them to more emotional struggles. I have seen people absolutely crushed or uplifted in what others post as it is could be controversial. 
(I have even been caught up in the agitation of someone elses views... oooops, my bad 😢) 


How do you FEEL in those things you SEE??
Share Love when we share things! The world is a troubled place. I hope to spend more time on the solutions and not the problems! Be Pro something indeed, however, lets make it a solution to a situation or leave it be. 

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People are worth our energy! Lets change the energy we give 

 A beautiful path that caught my eye and A Little Love!

Sedona and her snow covered vistas are amazing!!

Some things creep people out?? What kind of photos do you like? 

Some of us just don't get it do we? We are all in this boat together...