Friday, June 30, 2017

FREE 4th Of July Community BBQ at the Collective Sedona...


Nothing beats FREE...and nothing beats The Collective Sedona in The Village of Oak Creek!

The Collective Sedona will be hosting a FREE Community BBQ on Tuesday July 4th from 4:00-8:00PM. Everyone is invited for FREE food samples, a delicious barbecue fare buffet, live music by Bouzouka Dave and RCO percussion, live art demonstrations, an ice cream sundae station, a  'make your own' flower bouquet station, a beer and wine garden AND lawn games for kids!


Monday, June 26, 2017



Yeah...a self-professed nickname that all of us local Sedonians claim. However this time, we're EATING our way to your hearts!

Sedonuts is a new donut shop located at the Safeway Plaza just a couple doors down from Cafe' Jose. A tasty treat for the pallet indeed! We splurged and bought the dozen gourmet style that included Fruity Pebbles Sprinkles! What a treat! You GOTTA try them!

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Seriously....its a what?!?!?!

Collared Peccary! The Javelina is a four legged critter that hangs out in the Southwest and is very prevalent here in Sedona and Camp Verde.

We see them day and night as they forage around with their tight-knit family walking about our back yards and finding food just about anywhere. For folks who have never seen them before, they are a curious sight indeed. But they are an extremely protective animal and will protect their babies with a vengeance. With top speeds of around 20-21mph, these lil' ones can catch you if they feel the need. For us locals, we are VERY aware of their presence and exceptionally respectful of their desire to eat in peace. But they are such a part of our lives, that we even have statues of these little guys n' gals on our front yards. Very peculiar, these humans are.


Just part of our wildlife here in the Verde Valley!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

If you had the chance would you??


You Never Know what you'll find in any given day in our beloved Sedona..Today was no exception...When cruzin' through uptown we saw our Local Snake Guy.. Nice fella and 'tons' of snakes.. This little beauty was not only beautiful, but also incredibly curious..

Hows that Charm working for our Segway folks??
I think he likes Bears Kilt,,,lol

Simply Irresistible!! ......laughing 😀

I added SUGAR!!!!

Every morning I wake up to what sounds like a B-52 flying overhead.  wth??
 Ok, well, not quite that loud but very close. Its something I look forward to every single day. Since we started growing our wonderful organic garden, we added bird feeders and water baths.
 I saw that the bees were lovin' hangin' out in the bird feeders as if they were bathing in it! it was a spectacular sight. I knew the more bees we had the more our garden would grow... 
hmm.. but I knew something was missing.... 
Sooooo... I added SUGAR!!!!
Laughing..... Ok so I got a few hummingbird feeders.. We already had hummingbirds and I love watching them fly around... We started out with 2 hummingbirds that we knew of.. however at last count there are 5 maybe 6.... Thank you Nature Addicts 
Mayan legend says the the hummingbird is really the Sun in disguise, courting a beautiful maiden who is the moon! 
 <3 Hummingbird represents flexibility in our lives <3

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Speak, Hear, See and have FUN...

Our recent guests wanted to share with everyone how they ROLL.....

Speak, Hear, See.....and have TONS OF FUN!!!!

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Call of the Canyon

Call of the Canyon was the first film made in Sedona. It was based on Zane Grey’s book and he insisted that they film in the Sedona area, because that was the location of the book. The director was Victor Fleming, who later directed Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz. Richard Dix and Marjorie Daw starred in the film. It was a silent movie and ran about 70 minutes.

Call of the Canyon appeared to be one of the 80% of all silent films that ended up missing. However, in 2010, the film was discovered in Gosfilmofond, a Russian state film archive. A digital copy was created and presented to the Library of Congress on October 22 of 2010.

This is one of Bob Brashaw’s historic photos taken along the West Fork trail, where parts of Call of the Canyon were filmed.