Friday, September 23, 2016

Honoring those who fought, prevailed, or tried like crazy to fight cancer...

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Sedona Segway Tours is connected deeply to the fight against cancer as all of the employees here have had cancer directly affect them to some extent. Family, friends, and colleagues have been taken from us through the years.

Now, we are taking the opportunity to help those in need by making October, 2016, OUR fight against Breast Cancer!

We are decorating our Guide machines and our guides in the honorary color of PINK as we bring in the new month that is just around the corner. Every glide we take we will support the cause and hope to generate more people to the awareness of how cancer affects millions.

So come on down and say hello and check out the new 'colors' we're sporting on our machines. What you see here is just the beginning!

Sedona Segway Team

Monday, September 12, 2016

So people ask us all the time; "How hard is it to ride a Segway?"

The simple truth is that its as easy as standing up. Balancing on a Segway is EASY! You actually use the same muscles on a Segway that you do to stand up and we're not kidding! Your calf, shin and ankles are the main muscle areas used to "stand up on a Segway".

We believe it is the most common concept feared by new users or people who are skeptical. "I have terrible balance so I can't ride a Segway." Hogwash! Its pure fear that prevents people from getting on.

The reality is that the Segway is designed with gyroscopes and tilt sensors that do the balancing for you. Your body then works in tandem with the Segway and provides you your balance as you glide. The body generally moves only inches in order to have the Segway go forward, slow down, stop and turn.

It takes about 10 minutes to learn how to not just stand on a Segway, but to operate it on our custom training track. These folks from Germany were ALL first time gliders and they not only managed, but they began to bring on their Segway Swagger after about 20 minutes. Not because they were athletes or professional anything, but because they removed the fear factor and stopped using their thinking patterns and trusted their bodies desire to work in tandem with the Segway. Essentially, they just RELAXED and enjoyed the glide!

Give us a call....visit our website....see us on Facebook....check out reviews on TripAdvisor, Yelp and even see us on Twitter.

Folks.....we do this every day and we deal with people who have physical issues or learning disabilities and they ride all the time.

Get over the fear. Get over your thoughts....get over to Sedona Segway Tours and come GLIDE with us!