Friday, December 14, 2018

Remember When?

What are your thoughts??

Remember when Holidays in Sedona would drive us crazy? 😏

Remember before the roundabouts at the "Y" when traffic would be lined up down Cook's hill and we all possibly had to stop at the red light? Ugh, how frustrating that was, however we all seemed to get to our destination in a seemingly timely fashion. 

(Photo Credit @Vyto Starinskas - We respectfully apologize for not adding the credit for this photo first)

Remember when 'Yield' actually meant you yield to the right of way? 

Remember when we didn't have to get up at 4:30 am to find parking at the hiking trail heads? 

Remember when no one had to pay for parking uptown? 😁

Remember when you could go to Tlaquepaque and could even run across the street and not get in the way of traffic, (well kinda 😏)?? 

Remember when we used to complain about the tourists parked on the sides of the roads taking pictures? You would see them trying to get the best shot of a moon rise, moon set, possibly even a sunrise, or a snow day. Oh, wait, what about when they couldn't even drive because their jaw was on their seat as they were looking about at the waterfalls or how magically the clouds would form and display themselves in our monsoon season? Funny how we would see our neighbors doing that too. So easy to blame the tourists, just not as easy to blame our neighbor "Bob". 😂

Remember when it was just an absolute inconvenience to get to the VOC, so we didn't really want to move there? Especially if we worked uptown. 

For as long as I have been in Sedona, and far beyond my arrival, people have been traveling from all over the world to come see the beauty of Sedona for varying reasons. Upon my arrival, I was absolutely in awe of her beauty. I even wanted to keep Sedona a secret 'cuz of how personal being here felt, and still feels to me today. 

But I am one of those people who has been in the tourist industry since my journey began here. For those of you who were locals, or who were my predecessors, I completely understood your frustrations with us "newbies" being star struck and just hoped you would accept our love for your little town. 

Working in the industry for 13 years, and as a business for the last 8+ years, I am very dependent on the tourism that comes to Sedona and all that it entails.

So, even with all the "Remember when it used to be difficult" in our Sedona memories, for me and my family, it has always been this way.

Are you a local? So how do you feel about tourism today? How did you feel when you were a tourist coming here? Are you able to find the positives even through the struggles? 

We Love What We Do? --- Thank you for Showing Us Love

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Bearcloud Art Gallery in Uptown Sedona!

"It's been over a decade since I first met Bearcloud. I was but a meager man wanting to understand this "Sedona" thing. The motivating factor that brought me to Sedona was Bearcloud and his art. 

Upon meeting him and talking to him for a bit, he offered up a land tour in which he provided me with knowledge of the energies and the ceremonial ancestral locations. He also brought me to one of his sacred meditation locations where he envisions his artwork. We spent a few hours together in deep meditation in his "lounge" in the rocks and we had a moment with the Hawk spirits as well."

The Bearcloud Art Gallery is in The Village of Oak Creek inside the Collective. But now...he has a second gallery located in Uptown at the corner of Arroyo Roble Rd and 89A just after the Sinagua Plaza and before the Best Western.

"We here at Sedona Segway are honored to have known him for many years and we are SO excited to see his artwork in uptown! We hope you find his art inspiring and divine as it has embraced us both with remarkable imagery and wonder, not to mention, a man that has become a dear Friend. Please come visit his new gallery and explore the universe through his visions. It is a sight to behold!"
                                                                                                                                                                                               ~Lora lee~

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Loving the daily ride

We get to share moments with our guests that are so unique. It is a blessing for us to be able to teach people how simple our Segways are and once they get it, they GET it!

The possibilities are endless once you get the hang of it!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Is it Iron-man? Is it Thor? No its THUNDER SIXTY-SIX!!

Thunder Sixty-Six

Welcome Sedona's Newest Tour Company!!

You don't need your license because they are going to personally guide you around town on their Vintage Indian Motorcycles with sidecars!

Folks in Sedona are always looking for new ways to share fantastic adventures with tourists who are visiting our amazing little town. We at Sedona Segway are super excited to tell everyone about the newest tour company in our Sedona Area. You will NOT get this experience & memory from any 4-wheel tour. It's definitely not like any other tour. They represent the memories of a great era of our time; "The Fifties."
🔆Come on out & Meet their Crew 🔆
Welcome our Neighbors and take a tour with
Sal-D, Fringy, Willow, or Back-up-Betty
Thunder Sixty-Six
441 Forest Rd Suite #2
Sedona, Arizona 86336
Meet Willow

Meet Back-up-Betty & Fringy

Meet Sal-D

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Shhhhh....keep this to yourself. Sedona Beer Co. is OPEN!

At the old Takashi Restaurant location at 465 Jordan Road, right next to the LOT 1 Public Parking station which is RV accessible. It's also just minutes walking distance from two 
Verde Lynx Pick-Ups!

Serving Home-Brews and Burgers and a whole lot more!

You GOTTA come check them out!

Call for details: 928-862-4148 
Check their Tap Room for days and times:

ALSO:    LIKE them on Facebook at:  Sedona Beer Company

Monday, August 13, 2018

Hey neighbor, "Whats Hoppin' in your Garden"?

Ok Guys, its that time of year again and i'm 'Hoppin Mad.' How bout you? 
So for a few years now Bear and I have been growing our Organic gardens here in the Verde Valley/Sedona AZ. Each year brings more learning curves and dietary changes. Because of that, we are always looking for the next best thing to keep critters away. I finally found the cure for snakes.... I think, well we will see anyway. Its a hot one 😉

However we have NOT found a remedy for Grasshoppers. They are driving us nuts (some of these guys are ridiculously huge, and they just love to scare the buh-jezuz out of me.. I know they do it on purpose 😏) Hoppin' here Bouncin' there, eating this, devouring that.... They eat the leaves off everything except for our Watermelons. 

I am looking for advice on what works for you. All Natural remedies no Chemical concoctions please. We don't want to disrupt what we have going on. 

Looking for Feedback Please.........

Do you have solutions for this? Is there a concoction for the barrage of munchers? Do you have a special way of getting these critters to Bounce Out of your Yard??

Thank you in advance for your help!  #welovewhatwedo

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

JUST OPENED - The Village Bath & Body Shop!!!

An amazing new place to go for Organic products 
for the Body, Mind and Home!

The Village Bath & Body Shop is a family owned business. Operated by Wayne Moore and Scott Anderson, this great new shop offers unmatched products that have been formulated and proven for over 16 years! Soaps, Oils, Therapy Creams, Dead Sea Medicinal Salts and a whole lot more!

You gotta come check them out. Just listen to this story;

After Wayne's mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, she knew she had to use only the highest quality skin products. After she did tons of research, she started formulating her own products using ONLY Organic ingredients. She had decided to share this information with her clients and friends, and now all of her knowledge and processes are gifted to her son-in-law; Wayne Moore at The Village Bath & Body Shop located in the Village of Oak Creek.

Take a look at these products and then get yourselves to the Village to get your own Organic products for your Mind, Body and Home!

The Village Bath & Body Shop
6446 State Route 179 Suite 204
In the Castle Rock Plaza

CALL NOW!  928-963-6011

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

How hot IS the sidewalk or pavement in Arizona?

Well over 10 degrees HOTTER! And that is a cautious estimate. 

A study done in 2015 by Channel 3 Phoenix showed the following:

"While the air temperature was below 100 degrees F (96 was recorded on June 26, 2015), the thermometer recorded a temperature of 122 on a patch of green grass. A nearby rock path was 133. The pavement was 131. A wood dock reached a temperature of 164."

PLEASE be careful when walking your children or your pets. Imagine how hot that stuff is on the bare paws of a dog!!!

A quick way to see if the sidewalk or pavement is too hot for your pet, place the back of your hand on the surface and if you can hold it there for more than 5 seconds, then it might be OK. Maybe!

THANK YOU Verde Valley Humane Society for bringing this information out this time of year. We appreciate you!!!

Saturday, June 16, 2018

..Umm..I am NOT the weather Man.. Whats yer Policy??

Most of our Sedona peeps know us & see us traveling through our local neighborhoods through Rain, Sleet or Snow. We absolutely Love what we do and our guests simply Love it too! 

What we DON'T tour in is torrential storms or lightening! ⚡⚡.. No sense in being a lightening rod! Now We are always up for an adventure, but We are NOT that Adventurous!! 😂

So for Us local Arizonans we cant wait for the rain and love attending any of our most favored events even if it's raining.  So today!!! Arizona guests came in who had booked a tour via phone yesterday. The lady had told me when she booked the tour that Sunday was the preferred day because of possible weather., but decided to go today at 1:00 anyway. When they showed up she was apparently upset because I didn't tell them it was going to rain when they booked the tour..   Ummm wait?? What?? 😲 (we have

(Its Sedona/Arizona we never know if the weather man, not ME got the scheduled weather events right) And then to top it off they wanted their money back. It was barely sprinkling and this poor soul and her children thought the world was ending. She even asked if we could voucher her for some other adventure in Sedona. I am only Segway that's it, nothing else. I told her I could move her tour till tomorrow as first requested. That was not what she was wanting to hear. On all of our confirmation emails and on the website we are very clear on our refund policy. We will absolutely move/adjust a tour if we find that weather conditions are not safe, however we do not give a full refund if cancelled within 48 hours prior to tour. Then because I asked the lady if she read her confirmation email that I sent she decided she wanted her husband mad too.  

We scheduled a guide for a tour at a certain time. The guide knows two days out or at least the day before about their tours. The guide is waiting around. I made a quick judgement call!! These people were so rude that I just gave them their money back. I wanted them out of my office. I put notes into the system as to why we will not be acknowledging any future requests for them to schedule a tour. *86*  

Would you have only given her 50% as our policy states? Was it best to refund and be done with it ?? What are your policies and do you feel that they work for you??

Other than that its been a Stellar day in the Neighborhood!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

A UFO in Sedona?

Of course! Where else would they go???

Let me know if you can identify this U. F. O.

If you can, it will then be a F.O.!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Your Kidding Right?! ..3 Search and Rescues per day

How's that for statistics folks?

Make you wonder?
Time for us to get Educated!

Guess whats coming? The Heat man!! Not the cops, well unless you haven't paid attention, then it just might be our local public service Men & Women. Temperatures are rising and summer is around the corner. Over the last Three years our Search and Rescues have tripled (averaging three per day)!!! Ouch!! That's painful! As a local tour guide we made it a Policy to send out confirmation emails that stress the facts that it is important to stay hydrated. Upon guests arrival we reiterate the facts about why we need to stay hydrated for any activity that we choose to take part in here in the Sedona/Verde Valley (The Southwest).

I personally have had people tell me that they don't drink water. Wait?...What?! Are you serious?? Well my friends, being hydrated does NOT mean drinking sodas, energy drinks, coffee, ALCOHOL, etc. If your thirsty, Guess What?? YOUR DEHYDRATED!! Drink water save yourself!

Signs of Dehydration:

1.   Thirst
2.   Fatigue and /or dizziness
3.   Headache
4.   Bad breath
5.   Muscle cramps
6.   Foggy thinking and poor concentration
7.   Dull, dry skin and/or pronounced wrinkes
8.   Back or joint ache
9.   Infrequent urination
10. Mood swings

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Bloomin Onion already? What the Heck?

The Century Plant Agave is blooming a tad early this year. Along with other odd-timed flowerings and budding. It makes us think we don't know what is going to happen next. But then again, Mother Nature RULES!

My favorite scent in Sedona; Ceanothus is blooming sporadically throughout the area as well. 

Sunday, March 25, 2018



What is a 10 PACK SHOWDOWN?

Expereince the TRUE Southwest with "Guns a blazin'!"

Bear comes up with some crazy kewl ideas for picture taking while he provides Segway Tours. Today's group brought a ton of fun and a great moment...Pay close attention to the faces on both sides of the street!

And THEN....

A FIRST TIME EVER Triple Heart!....

Friday, March 23, 2018

Whoooa Cowboy, We are thinning out the Wrong Herd!!

Hmmm....  Would you think it would be a Bad idea to 'Feed wild Animals?' What about a Javelina? 
I mean when we go visit Animal Sanctuaries or Zoos are we allowed to feed those animals? 
The answer is NO!! ..Absolutely NOT!!
No-one is ever allowed to feed wild Animals whether they're in their own habitats or in habitats that have been created for them. With the exception of those handling their dietary needs or in a setting where the action of feeding is supervised. Things can & do go wrong even in supervised settings. 
Ya know why? Because we can't predict what an animal might do? 
Just like a Human. (now there's a thought ) You would think that most folks understand this. ..Right?! 
No matter how cute they are, understand a wild animal is just that. WILD! They should be appreciated and left alone, period! Here in Sedona & the Verde Valley surrounding areas, we have tons of miraculous wild animals to appreciate and take pictures of.  So now the Arizona Game & Fish Department along with the U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services have been called to attention and they are now planning to kill all Javelinas within a quarter mile radius of some local residents who were attacked because 'they' missed the memo. 


A few folks decided it was a good idea to feed some Javelinas! 
I'm sittin' here thinkin' we are tryin' to thin out the wrong herd!! 
Are we seriously going to kill some Javelinas because some people thought it was a good idea to feed them when they got close enough and then got Chomped on? 

Meet Charlie! 
He doesn't know his name is Charlie, well cuz,... Hes a Javelina and doesn't understand our silliness. However, he is a rogue Javelina in our local Jordan Rd. and Orchards area. I'm thinking there is a reason why he is all alone and not in his herd. What do you think?? 
I know its hard, and yes I know he is absolutely adorable, but Please don't feed Charlie! We appreciate his character & would like to see him left alone. 

Small local herd in the Forest Rd. area

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Only the Beginning

For some folks, its only the beginning. The addiction is real. The Segway captures the spirit and youth of ALL riders.

Come and see Sedona...

The SEG-WAY!!!

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Come see Sedona...the SEG-WAY

Our latest video creation from Bear. It really gives a good idea of what exactly we do here at Sedona Segway.

He was interviewed by Verde Valley TV and this is a nice way for us to share our passion for our guests and especially for Sedona!


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Don'tcha just Love Bohemian

Hey Guys,  
We are Sharing some Love for one of our local shops called 

Sage of Grace! 

A quaint boutique in uptown Sedona!
Clothing, Gifts, & Jewelry. 
They opened up their second shop in December. Yay for you!! Congrats guys..
We support our locals-- Look them up for that special gift for your Valentine. We love Bohemian, ..just sayin' 😀
You will find them nestled between Cactus Carlos and the Sedona Pizza & Pasta co. in Sinagua Plaza.....

I hear the signage is coming soon... #wesupportourlocals #sageofgrace #boutiqueshopping #bohemian #valentinesgifts

Sinagua Plaza! Go take a Peek 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Droning in Sedona...The SEG-WAY

Take a ride along with us through some of the quiet back streets of Sedona. Droning!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

... Well HELL, Ya Know Ya WaNna ...


Im betting You know exactly what WE really admire about Sedona Olde Time Photos? ... It's the unbelievable fun time and the smiles they create along the way for our Sedona visitors and also for Our Locals in the Verde Valley! They are very professional and are extremely courteous in helping you to find the best attire that works for your choices in photos.

Guys and Gals can dress in Boudoir, Western, Gun-Slinger, Bank Robber, Prairie style. I also heard rumor that they are thinking about Steam Punk motif as well. <3 (My Personal Favorite!! ) They have Several sets to choose from. Oh, and also please remember that they do Family and Individual portraits without the costumes! 
You choose what works best for you...  Love this group of folks!

The perks for US you ask?!?  Well, ... Yeah we got to kid & cut-up along with Dressen' up Western Style!! Proof is in the Pics! Sedona Olde Time Photos Commercial is coming soon on Red Rock TV 

Cheers All........ Ya Know You Wanna
🎩 👢👒 ♣  🔸 💓♠ 💰

Sedona Olde Time Photos 
271 N Ste Rte 89A |Sedona Az 86336 |928-282-6606

Come On Out ---- Go ahead---- Make Your Day... :-)

We all need a Little Fun Right!?!