Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Droning in Sedona...The SEG-WAY

Take a ride along with us through some of the quiet back streets of Sedona. Droning!

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

... Well HELL, Ya Know Ya WaNna ...


Im betting You know exactly what WE really admire about Sedona Olde Time Photos? ... It's the unbelievable fun time and the smiles they create along the way for our Sedona visitors and also for Our Locals in the Verde Valley! They are very professional and are extremely courteous in helping you to find the best attire that works for your choices in photos.

Guys and Gals can dress in Boudoir, Western, Gun-Slinger, Bank Robber, Prairie style. I also heard rumor that they are thinking about Steam Punk motif as well. <3 (My Personal Favorite!! ) They have Several sets to choose from. Oh, and also please remember that they do Family and Individual portraits without the costumes! 
You choose what works best for you...  Love this group of folks!

The perks for US you ask?!?  Well, ... Yeah we got to kid & cut-up along with Dressen' up Western Style!! Proof is in the Pics! Sedona Olde Time Photos Commercial is coming soon on Red Rock TV 

Cheers All........ Ya Know You Wanna
🎩 👢👒 ♣  🔸 💓♠ 💰

Sedona Olde Time Photos 
271 N Ste Rte 89A |Sedona Az 86336 |928-282-6606

Come On Out ---- Go ahead---- Make Your Day... :-)

We all need a Little Fun Right!?!