Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Detroit....Red Rock City!...

That's right...I went all KISS on y'all!

Detroit ROCKS City in Sedona!

Our friends from Detroit came to Sedona on a chance they might get to glide the red rocks with us. What a grand adventure it was! With varying skills, the tour went off without a hitch. Training is key for all success on a Segway, but the fact is, it is very simple to ride! David knows this now. Hahaha!

Three cheers for this wonderful family from the North!

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

We're looking to hire for our Spring Rush....

Resume and Cover Letter is required.

These are not your grandfather's Brooklyn Dodgers...

This wonderful group of ladies came all the way from Brooklyn, NY to spend time with us on our Segways. # rookies and two prior riders. And a whole lot of fun!!!

We love how we can bring a new adventure to folks all around the country and the world. What a great location to ride a Segway!

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Panoramic Snow view of Sedona...

We have many rock formations, hills, buttes, and mountains. Seeing them in a picture is amazing, but to experience it up close and personal, there are no words!

We've been living here for years now, but I think us locals take more pictures than any tourist!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Checking the Roads

We always want to make sure our tours can be safely traveled. At times we experience snow, sleet, rain, extreme heat, and a other weather conditions that can or may hinder our way of travel. So this morning I wanted to see what it would look like for our guests.

Since it snowed yesterday here in Sedona 1-24-2017 it was imperative to see what was on the menu for road conditions. At first I had considering cancelling, then I decided to go get a feel for the terrain. I let a couple hours pass. Its always about the Love and safety for what we do that comes first. If your a tour company/guide, what do you or your company do for precautions for your guests?

We changed the tour that our guests originally booked to insure their safety and yet provide wonderful accommodating service. Plus we had a new guide in training to do a ride along..Today was a great experience for her. Its valuable to train your guides on making safe decisions. This was one of those beautiful days. The tour went off without a hitch!

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What riding a Segway in Sedona is like today....

From Scotland to Sedona...

When you think Scotland, you certainly don't think about Segways...do you???

Our guests today came into Sedona just for a Segway tour. They have ridden a dozen times before so we were expecting seasoned riders, and we were not disappointed! Ross and Alyson were exceptional riders and they soaked up all the information we could give them. Two hours of riding through our back streets after we had received 3-5" of snow! 

What a ride! 
What a glide!

When we travel to Scotland, we'll be sure to find them so we can get a tour of the green grass and distilleries! 

Snow in Sedona...

It used to be a rarity to see snow here. For some reason, the last few years has produced some exceptional views with exceptional snow.

3 January 1sts ago, we received a dumping of around 12"! What a beautiful shock that was to most of the folks here. The kewt hing was, I have always had snowshoes and I was in my glory as I hiked on the virgin snow for hours that day.

Last year we received around 3 weeks worth of weather that dropped snow almost every day. Not much on the accumulation, but quite heavy on the weather fronts and the icy road conditions (especially on 89A S just around the Red Rock Loop).

This year, we are seeing more precipitation than last year and the snow falls have been astonishing. Here are a few pics from our snow so far this winter season...

Monday, January 23, 2017

We're looking for a few good writers to join us on our Blog...

Its real simple, we just want some local Verde Valley folks to join us in writing interesting things about anything here in the Verde Valley. Cottonwood, Jerome, Sedona, it really isn't only about Sedona.

Join us and be part of a Blog that provides our visitors with ideas of what they can do when they come out. Just email us at info@sedonasegway.com and ask for permission to be an author. It costs you ZERO dollars and there is no annual membership. We just have to approve your posts prior to them going live and that is it!

Come join us in sharing your world with the rest of the world!

Check it out at:  http://sedonasegwaytours.blogspot.com/

Saturday, January 21, 2017

The blizzard that wasn't...

For some folks, this latest blizzard was little to nothing. The high expectations and hopes of most of us here in Sedona were thwarted by the warm front attached to this "winter storm"...at least from 4-4500ft elevation!

Funny how forecasters bring us to the edge of euphoria with the guise of a winter wonderland when all we really need to do is sit back, get our fireplace blazin, grab a cup of our favorite libation and our significant other (which ever one you want to grab) and enjoy the quietness of the snow flakes falling or the rain drops pelting the roof.

Either way, it is amazing to experience the Sedona weather.

Be safe and don't forget...if you want serious snow, head to Flagstaff for a day in the beautiful white winter wonderland!

What was your back yard looking like this morning???

Friday, January 20, 2017

Oak Creek

Sedona will grab you with its incredible red rocks and skyline, and the canyons are filled with glory. Just riding next to her, you can feel the cleansing energy she provides.

What is YOUR special view of Sedona?


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Fun with our Sister Company

Such a great tour with our Sister Company in Ft McDowell AOW. Great bunch of guides and our Canadian guests were incredible. It was all about the suguaro cactus! Have you ever eaten a prickly pear cactus? We did!! Getting past the prickles is the hard part, but so much fun. Thank you Cowboy Wayne, Leah, and Don for letting Bear and I share in the fun! 

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Family Love in Segways of Sedona

This is Melody! We call her by the name Peaches... When she comes into the office to spend the day with Nanna she knows that the safety helmet is first..lol  She doesn't know yet that it is only used for riding the Segway and that we don't need it for just general office procedures..

Its all a process that we are finding delightful! Being a grandma is priceless.. I Love what I do in Sedona and my Life is filled with Joy <3

I get to do what I Love.. How about you
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From strong doubt to comfortable riding...

Our rookies seem to find the ease of the ride as soon as they stop thinking about it. Basically, if they take their fears and face their fears, they can do anything! Or as Pancake would say; "When you finish your tour, you will say; "I CAN!""

From ages 12 to 97 (yes....we have had a 97 year old man ride a Segway!), we have been changing lives by riding two wheels. Most people look at the Segway and think it is too hard to ride, yet every day we get challenges from all types of people with different fears or concerns. Its real simple folks; the Segway balances for you! It has sensors on the foot pads that adjust 100 times per second! That means it does all the work for you.

Come check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, TripAdvisor (under Sedona Segway Tours), Yelp and all over the place on YouTube!

See you soon!!!

Bloggers Request...

We're looking for a few good writers to join us here on our blog.

Our goal is to discuss and show what our home area means to us or to talk about events, or goings-on in your neighborhood. The Verde Valley is large enough to provide us with a plethora of information from taking a ride down the VV River, to hiking in Sedona, to walking Tlaquepaque.

Bring us your ideas and thoughts and we will make this a place for visitors and locals to find the secrets behind our lives here in the Verde Valley.

Sedona Segway Tours

Monday, January 9, 2017

Sedona Sunrise...

Even when we wake up we get to have the fiery skies!

We LOVE our home!

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Friday, January 6, 2017

Spectacular Sedona...

This morning brought a dynamic seasoned couple to our Segway Tours. They have traveled across this country riding Segways along the way. They came to Sedona to ride our Segways. How wonderful it is for us to provide such a treat...

Our Sedona Sunset Tours...

We bring our riders to many sites here in Sedona. From the back streets to the galleries, to the Chapel of the Holy Cross, the belly of Thunder. No matter where we bring them, there is always something intensely special with our SUNSET tours!

The truth about our sunsets is that the red rocks become encompassed with the fire-like sunbeams, but a lot of folks don't know that the white layer (Coconino layer) produces some of the most awe-inspiring visuals because it has this golden hue to them without the sunset, so when the sun sets, those golden hues explode and draw IN the Red Rock Fire to the Schnebly layer (the red rock layer).

What does all that mean? Nothing to us really. We get to see the sunset almost 365 days a year and each day we take pictures...probably more than most tourists too!

We love our Sedona Sunsets!

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Snow days

This was last week. An amazing couple of days with the most captivating smiles. We thought we would brighten it up with Guide fun too. Bear and I take safety seriously., so safely we traveled uptown as the snow melted. Rain, snow, or sun, we are always in the mood for fun! Great adventure day at Sedona Segway Tours