Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Tiffany and Dracarys

Bringing gifts doesn't mean it will be something we wear or ride. 
Sometimes it means the Gift of Life!

Dracarys is a young male Harris's Hawk that met us uptown in Sedona today. He is considered a "Working" raptor which means he is a professional hunter and protector of gardens. His job is to stop birds from pooping on lettuce, among other things. Yes...birds poop on our lettuce....THAT is why you wash EVERYTHING before you eat it!

Tiffany is a professional Falconer and is a Co-Founder of Sonoran Desert Falconry. 
She is one incredibly wonderful BEing and will be sharing more of her Raptor family through the coming months. 

We found out that the yellow color around Dracarys face 
is a clear sign that he is eating a balanced diet. 
The brighter the yellow, the better the fellow!

What a Treat!!!

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Forest of Song: Anthology II - Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

Poetry may not be a calling for everyone, but for some, it is a deep inner peace and release. For others it can be an outlet to express emotions while for others, it can be a starting point for song writing or singing.

Forest of Song is a Poetry Book that was Created by Roger Blakiston, a Sedona resident with the perfect English accent who happens to Love writing poems and he also happens to be a Magician! Yeah...you can say it; MERLIN!!!!

He began a Facebook page called; Forest of Song where there are 549 members and just about everyone of them will add a poem or three every day! The work that comes from these folks is nothing short of miraculous!

Deeply spiritual people got together and decided a Poetry Book was in order. After weeks of discussion, the title, concept of covers and content was agreed on; Forest of Song: Anthology II - Out of the Darkness and Into the Light. Inspired by the teachings of Michael Mirdad (also a Sedona resident and Spiritual Leader at Unity of Sedona) and his Best Selling book; "The Dark Night of the Soul", these poems provide inspiration, healing and simple guidance within each of us as we all try to grow and understand what a "Dark Night of the Soul" can look and feel like.

They needed to get a short marketing video created for the late August 2019 release of the book. And So It Is! The following video is the final cut from the production room of Yava-Coco Productions.