Saturday, June 16, 2018

..Umm..I am NOT the weather Man.. Whats yer Policy??

Most of our Sedona peeps know us & see us traveling through our local neighborhoods through Rain, Sleet or Snow. We absolutely Love what we do and our guests simply Love it too! 

What we DON'T tour in is torrential storms or lightening! ⚡⚡.. No sense in being a lightening rod! Now We are always up for an adventure, but We are NOT that Adventurous!! 😂

So for Us local Arizonans we cant wait for the rain and love attending any of our most favored events even if it's raining.  So today!!! Arizona guests came in who had booked a tour via phone yesterday. The lady had told me when she booked the tour that Sunday was the preferred day because of possible weather., but decided to go today at 1:00 anyway. When they showed up she was apparently upset because I didn't tell them it was going to rain when they booked the tour..   Ummm wait?? What?? 😲 (we have

(Its Sedona/Arizona we never know if the weather man, not ME got the scheduled weather events right) And then to top it off they wanted their money back. It was barely sprinkling and this poor soul and her children thought the world was ending. She even asked if we could voucher her for some other adventure in Sedona. I am only Segway that's it, nothing else. I told her I could move her tour till tomorrow as first requested. That was not what she was wanting to hear. On all of our confirmation emails and on the website we are very clear on our refund policy. We will absolutely move/adjust a tour if we find that weather conditions are not safe, however we do not give a full refund if cancelled within 48 hours prior to tour. Then because I asked the lady if she read her confirmation email that I sent she decided she wanted her husband mad too.  

We scheduled a guide for a tour at a certain time. The guide knows two days out or at least the day before about their tours. The guide is waiting around. I made a quick judgement call!! These people were so rude that I just gave them their money back. I wanted them out of my office. I put notes into the system as to why we will not be acknowledging any future requests for them to schedule a tour. *86*  

Would you have only given her 50% as our policy states? Was it best to refund and be done with it ?? What are your policies and do you feel that they work for you??

Other than that its been a Stellar day in the Neighborhood!!