Friday, March 22, 2019

Reason Not to lie about your children's age


Important Tip about Segway Safety! 

Don't Lie about your kids age!

Sedona Segway-AOW is the Segway tour company in uptown Sedona!

We absolutely Love what we do, and we Enjoy showing families a Fun Time! 
Now we have to ask guests the age of their children when they arrive because parents are choosing to lie about how old their kids are when booking their tour. 
Kids however, generally don't lie when they are asked their age. 
We understand you want the whole family to have the experience, but their age is a factor for our tours! 
We will turn you away 

"You must be 12 years old to ride a Segway in Sedona AZ!" 

This is my granddaughter, and as much as I love her she will not be able to ride with me on a tour until the day she turns 12 years old...period!
I still teach her safety rules when she visits, because she is around them.
(photo shot for example only)
6, 8 & 11 year old kids are not heavy enough, strong enough, nor have the mental understanding of safety responsibility to ride on a Segway yet. Insurance requires all guest to be at least 12 years old to take a tour. 
Come on guys, what if something happened to your youngin'? 

Please make responsible decisions for your kids safety!! 

Segway Staff: Lora Lee & Bear


What is wrong with this picture?
( Photo shot of Peaches (c): for Example only)

1. Helmet is too big and strap doesn't fit around her chin
2. She is not heavy enough for sensors to register her weight 
3. She is not tall enough to see over the bar
4. There is no way for her to control the Segway except for standing still 
5. Technology can't prevent injury
6. Young kids don't understand Segway etiquette yet  and many more reasons...