Sunday, July 23, 2017

This AIN'T your Atari Centipede game

So many amazing creatures out in the world. So many beautiful colors, styles and shapes. And then there is the Centipede!!!

This one was dead, so I was ok by unknowingly placing my foot next to it before I saw it. So here's the thing; this stylish and powerful looking bug is a powerhouse when it comes to its venom! Even though it is exceptionally rare, it CAN kill a human! YIKES!!!! They also can grow to as large as 12" (scholopendromorphs found in...guess where?......the DESERT!). They actually pinch you with their appendages instead of biting you. Either way....I'll am thankful this guy was deceased!

P.S. Notice how this one doesn't have 100 legs? That's because no centipede has exactly 100 due to never having an even number of them. They can also range in leg counts from having 30 legs to as many as 350!!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

You haven't seen the Verde Valley until you see it THIS way...

The Verde Canyon Railroad!

Snuggled in Clarkdale, AZ, this gem of a tour is absolutely terrific for viewing Verde Valley sunsets like no other! You are huddled around the Red Rocks with the radiant red-yellow-orange colors of fire as the sun settles down for the night. On your return, the skyline and the nocturnal critters come out to play. Amazing options for tours and for an outstanding feeling of how it used to be way back when.

Check out our friends at the Verde Canyon Railroad and see if this incredible ride can be a part of your adventures in The Verde Valley!

visit their website for details, tours and times:

Hugging the rock walls

Open cars add to the wonder of the views

Options are endless as you 'clack-clack-clack' along the rails

The views are ridiculous!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

What Do You Love about the Monsoons??

This Fantastic crew came out to visit us from Florida. We were one of their "Things To Do" Adventures of the Southwest...
....hmmmm.... I wonder of they were trying to escape the monsoons that they are familiar with in Florida...
....Yeah,  ... there is No comparison...  The Proof is in the Rocks.. And Sedona does Rock!! Thanks guys for such a great time!

We do Life the SEG-way

#sedonasegwayrocks   #seglife   #rollingthunder

Friday, July 14, 2017

Where do YOU live?

I am blessed to be living in MY paradise. I see visions like this every day. All year round. Colors, shapes and designs all over the place. I LOVE my home!

So...where do YOU live and what picture could express what is so beautiful about your HOME???

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

What would YOU do?

So...260 from Camp Verde to Cottonwood is getting a face-lift on the roadway. They are expanding to 4 lanes and making it quick!

So....what do YOU think would be a dynamite business or "thing to do" activity to help The Verde Valley? Would you build a butterfly sanctuary? Low income housing? A Laser-Tag arena? A Home for 'End of Life' assisted living? Go-Carts? Hotel? Restaurant....


What would YOU do????

Assisted Living

Butterfly Sanctuary

Go Carts

Laser Tag Arena

What is THIS???

We saw this at the Toyota dealership in Flagstaff today. I was blown away at the concept. I am an avid hiker to the point of overnights are a major part of what I do. When we stumbled on this, I HAD to take pictures and share. I climbed up to look. It is VERY sturdy and very roomy. These are not Toyota tents...they just work well with this Tacoma's roof rack.

Mfg. is Freespirit Recreation and they make amazing products for hiker-geeks like me! and check out their line of ROOF TOP TENTS!!!

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Apache Reclouse

For you arachnophobics, you may want to turn away!

I found this beautiful 8 legged at our wood pile this morning. Because it doesn't look like a traditional Brown Reclouse (having that neat 'violin' tattoo on its head) that we all have grown to love (and hate), I had no idea what this one was when I found it. I DID know it was magnificent and really smooth with its walk.

So...what IS a Reclouse Spider? Generally, it is a 6-22mm large brown spider (Apache Reclouse pictured below was around 20mm) with 6 eyes (3 pair) and a unmistakable marking on its head that looks like a violin (attached pictures of both so you can see the differences). It is mostly known for its necrotic hemotoxic venom and the potency of it. In some cases, after being bitten, the area around the bite will actually get rotten (no pictures here folks...UGH!) and quite possibly get eaten away! INTENSE!

*NOTE: The bite of the Apache Reclouse is not fully known and may not be as intense as the Brown Reclouse.

Apache Reclouse

Brown Reclouse - check out the 'Violin'!
Anyway...feel free to look these bad boys up. And BE AWARE of what they look like.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tuzigoot....Say What?!?!?!

Tuzigoot National Monument in Cottonwood, AZ is an exceptionally maintained ruin site with 110 rooms, several levels and incredible energy surrounding it.

The history shows it to be a Sinaguan tribe residence dating back to 1100-1400 CE. The name Tuzigoot is derived from the Apache term; crooked water. It is the largest and most well preserved Sinagua ruin site in the entire Verde Valley. The structure has trap-door style entrances instead of doorways. You can sometimes see old petroglyphs, but it has to be the right time of day to see them because of the lack of light inside the structure. The site was excavated from 1933 to 1935 and was then turned over to the government.

You GOTTA check this place out!

Monday, July 3, 2017

10,000 MILE SEGWAY!!!

We have reached a milestone here at Sedona Segway. Our best guest tour machine has broken the 10,000 mile mark in 7 years time (that's averaging 4 miles per ride every day for 7 years)!

What a day to celebrate with Sonya and her family as we broke the barrier.

So the Segway goes from 9999 to 0000, and then it *WINKS* at you!

WOW! We are ecstatic about our achievement. Thank you Segway for building such superb transports!