Monday, September 25, 2017

I'm a NaturalPathic... read that right. A NaturalPathic.

What does that mean? Simple...You will find me on Nature's Path...not Man's!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Ladies & Gentlemen?? ... Husband Day Care!!

Wonderful afternoon Everyone! 

Need Time to Relax?
Need Time for yourself ?
Want to go Shopping?

Leave Your Husband at the Open Range Grill & Tavern in Sedona Arizona ...
They are offering to Look after him..

Had to Giggle 😀 ....  Sooooo... What if it said?....



Want Time to Shop?
Need To Kick Back?
Need Some Alone Time?

Leave Your Wife With US!!  😏

                                                                                            just sayin.....😉

Tuesday, September 19, 2017


Sometimes we get folks that just NEED to check this off theirs. Tricia was one of those wonderful people.

15 minutes was all she needed to "Kick the tires" and "Check it off". Adorable and purely entertaining woman. YAY!!!!!!!

Thank you Greggory and Jillian for bringing Tricia here!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Holy... $#!% ...It's a Plane, .. It's a Car, ... Its a TRIP!

It's a Trip to Sedonas' Car and Air-show today September 16th!

Come on out and Have some Fun! Who Doesn't Love to Fly?
ok .... So ....  Who Doesn't Love Sexy Cars?  ... I mean Really ....

"Either Way it's Fun in the Sun @ Sedona's Airport"!


...ok, ....You'll SEE Us on the SEGWAY!
IT's Just as Cool

Dragons are for Girls!!!!     I need this in my Life!!  

Who Knew .. a Bear could  Have soooo much fun!!!

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Sedona Winefest Sept 23-24...

Sedona Winefest 2017

September 23rd and 24th featuring wines, food, wine education, music and fun!

The 9th Annual Sedona Winefest will be held on Saturday and Sunday September 23rd and 24th from 11am to 5pm at the historic Posse Grounds Park in West Sedona. Surrounded by green grass and the spectacular views of the Red Rocks the event will be held in an all-weather circus-sized tent for all to enjoy.

The Winefest is designed to introduce attendees to a variety of wines from 20 Arizona wineries across the state, including many from the Verde Valley! The event also inculdes local cuisine, art, music, a viariety of vendors and free wine education seminars. In addition to tasting opportunities, wine will be for sale by the glass, bottle or case. Parking is FREE!

General admission tickets will be avaliable online at:

*Online ticket sales will end September 23th at 5pm so get your tickets NOW!!!

Hope to see you there!!!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Firehouse Bakery to close their doors...

Another wonderful eatery is closing their doors; Firehouse Bakery & Donuts.

Sad days to follow for all us coffee n' donuts lovers.

We will always remember your amazing smiles and your donuts of perfection (or should I say...confection??? Hahahaha!).

Love and light to follow you Sheila!

Here's Sheila's words from a Facebook post today....

Good morning friends!
This post is to officially let all of you know that I have decided to close Firehouse Bakery & Donuts. Much thought and prayer was poured into this decision over several months. I already miss my morning busy work and the many faces that have become friends.
My circumstances had drastically changed over the past year, which caused my priorities to change as well. I have decided to use what's left of my retirement fund and health to enjoy life more fully with the amazing support of my wonderful husband, children and dear friends.
My love for baking will continue from my home where it began several years ago. If I can make your life a little sweeter, please contact me at
Here's to keeping our lives simple and happy. Cheers!

Luna-Tic Fringe

How do we celebrate a Full Moon??? With some amazing tours and a night of humbled outdoor sleeping with Grandmother Moon!

Six of one, half dozen the other...

Sending Hugz and Kisses from Sedona - Rolling Thunder Style!

My camera is 'weak'! Hahahaha!

Friday, September 1, 2017

World Champion Hoop Dancer; Tony Duncan in Sedona...

One of our favorite musicians is coming back to town starting September 2 in the Sinagua Plaza in Uptown Sedona. Starting at 1PM. A MUST SEE!!!!

Tony Duncan and Estun Bah will be performing traditional Native American Flute music, share traditional songs, dances and stories to entertain your mind, body and spirit!

"He has been an inspiration to me for playing my flutes. I have all his CDs and have seen him countless times performing and I will never get tired of it. And MAN can he HOOP!!!" - Bear

We were even privileged to teach Tony how to ride a Segway. Who knows what will happen this time!