Sunday, July 9, 2017

Apache Reclouse

For you arachnophobics, you may want to turn away!

I found this beautiful 8 legged at our wood pile this morning. Because it doesn't look like a traditional Brown Reclouse (having that neat 'violin' tattoo on its head) that we all have grown to love (and hate), I had no idea what this one was when I found it. I DID know it was magnificent and really smooth with its walk.

So...what IS a Reclouse Spider? Generally, it is a 6-22mm large brown spider (Apache Reclouse pictured below was around 20mm) with 6 eyes (3 pair) and a unmistakable marking on its head that looks like a violin (attached pictures of both so you can see the differences). It is mostly known for its necrotic hemotoxic venom and the potency of it. In some cases, after being bitten, the area around the bite will actually get rotten (no pictures here folks...UGH!) and quite possibly get eaten away! INTENSE!

*NOTE: The bite of the Apache Reclouse is not fully known and may not be as intense as the Brown Reclouse.

Apache Reclouse

Brown Reclouse - check out the 'Violin'!
Anyway...feel free to look these bad boys up. And BE AWARE of what they look like.

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