Friday, December 14, 2018

Remember When?

What are your thoughts??

Remember when Holidays in Sedona would drive us crazy? 😏

Remember before the roundabouts at the "Y" when traffic would be lined up down Cook's hill and we all possibly had to stop at the red light? Ugh, how frustrating that was, however we all seemed to get to our destination in a seemingly timely fashion. 

(Photo Credit @Vyto Starinskas - We respectfully apologize for not adding the credit for this photo first)

Remember when 'Yield' actually meant you yield to the right of way? 

Remember when we didn't have to get up at 4:30 am to find parking at the hiking trail heads? 

Remember when no one had to pay for parking uptown? 😁

Remember when you could go to Tlaquepaque and could even run across the street and not get in the way of traffic, (well kinda 😏)?? 

Remember when we used to complain about the tourists parked on the sides of the roads taking pictures? You would see them trying to get the best shot of a moon rise, moon set, possibly even a sunrise, or a snow day. Oh, wait, what about when they couldn't even drive because their jaw was on their seat as they were looking about at the waterfalls or how magically the clouds would form and display themselves in our monsoon season? Funny how we would see our neighbors doing that too. So easy to blame the tourists, just not as easy to blame our neighbor "Bob". 😂

Remember when it was just an absolute inconvenience to get to the VOC, so we didn't really want to move there? Especially if we worked uptown. 

For as long as I have been in Sedona, and far beyond my arrival, people have been traveling from all over the world to come see the beauty of Sedona for varying reasons. Upon my arrival, I was absolutely in awe of her beauty. I even wanted to keep Sedona a secret 'cuz of how personal being here felt, and still feels to me today. 

But I am one of those people who has been in the tourist industry since my journey began here. For those of you who were locals, or who were my predecessors, I completely understood your frustrations with us "newbies" being star struck and just hoped you would accept our love for your little town. 

Working in the industry for 13 years, and as a business for the last 8+ years, I am very dependent on the tourism that comes to Sedona and all that it entails.

So, even with all the "Remember when it used to be difficult" in our Sedona memories, for me and my family, it has always been this way.

Are you a local? So how do you feel about tourism today? How did you feel when you were a tourist coming here? Are you able to find the positives even through the struggles? 

We Love What We Do? --- Thank you for Showing Us Love

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